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KuickDeal is a sales acceleration platform based on sales engagement tools,
data analytics and lead prediction.

KuickDeal Platform

KuickDeal is a comprehensive platform that allows you to manage sales and marketing tasks easily.

Live Pitch

You can launch a vivid demonstration with your customer or your team anywhere on any device.

Email/Web/Content Tracking

You are no longer in a passive position waiting for your customer's feedback. Know your position in your selling process and accelerate your customer's decision-making process!

Content Management

This is the place that you can manage and improve your selling and marketing material without extra communication cost.

Sales Data Analytics

Want to know your sales reps performance and wonder why someone kick the goal while others don't? Have no clue of your position in your sales team? Sales data analytics empower you to sell smarter.

Predictive Lead Scoring

Instead of treating all your sales leads priority as the same, KuickDeal's predictive lead scoring system help you to prioritize your customer list and indicate the right timing to reach out.

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